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Навальный это голова!

Навальный это голова!


We need to use new technologies, first of all the Internet, for the practical functions of the party, like a reconstituted Facebook.
Many people call it Democracy 2.0. I'm a lobbyist and fanatic of this system. It should allow people to register online and verify their identities through a bank card or by some other means, and then let them take part in [the party's] decisionmaking, voting and so on. This gives a guarantee that everyone votes, that there is no vote rigging, that everything is open and there is legitimacy. This does not mean that the party is virtual and not real. In the present day, the split between the virtual and real worlds is irrelevant. The protest on Bolotnaya Square [on Dec. 10], was it real or virtual? Yes, it was organized by virtual means, on Facebook. But I think it was more than real enough.

But half of the Russian population does not have Internet access. Would your party just ignore them?
Every party looks for its own constituency. I can rely on people in big cities, where there is plenty of Internet penetration. Of course, I would like to attract people from villages, but I don't have money for that. What we do have already is a pool of millions of people we can reach through the Internet.

Sure, I would love to go talk to every grandma who lives in some village in the Ryazam region, but I don't have that possibility.

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урод даже Рязанскую область не может правильно выговорить, какой уж тут страной руководить

уже и сайтик сварганили.

по мотивам своих патронов из Британии

ждем что они еще синновируют , эти фанатики( как они сами себя величают) , особенно порадовало, что счет на кредитной карте
явлется пропуском чтобы " непосредственно влиять на представительную демократию" в их системе,
че прально че нищебродов то слушать. он так и говорт нах эти деревни, мне и тех кто ходит в интернет в столицах ( тот кративный класс типа веб дизайнеров рекламщиков юристов риэлтеров коих теперь многознчаительно величают средний класс) хватит чтоб пойти на Кремль.. ага много хочет мало получит

If push comes to shove, they could respond with force to defend their authority. Are you ready for bloodshed if that's the direction it goes?
Do I want bloodshed?

No, I don't. But am I ready for the possibility that force will be used against us? Yes, I am ready. Any politician who fights with our corrupt regime needs to be ready for that. If he's not ready, he's got no place here. The battle here has certain terms. [The state] opened a criminal case against me a year and a half ago. I knew this would happen, and it happened. I knew they could arrest me for 15 days at a protest, and they did [on Dec. 5]. But that's part of life. We are in a political situation where a person can be put in jail for nothing.

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че то он слишком много о себе вообразил по моему, галоперидолом такое лечится

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